Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sorry Service 2

Pasqualino's at the Theatre Royal. Their blurb states "family friendly, five star fresh food and service" - hmmmm, I think not. The ballet (see previous post) came with pre-show dinner, and the dinner was.....ok. Certainly not 5 star. For starters (forgive the pun) there was a young child in our party and the menu wasn't really suitable, yet despite being "family friendly" we were told they'd have "to see" whether it was acceptable for them to make her a pizza instead. Family friendly as long as the kids don't want to eat anything? Happily, the pizza was deemed a reasonable request, but then the drink order wasn't right, and the food order wasn't quite right, and some of the food wasn't cooked properly... Anyway, what might have been lost by the restaurant by having an inclusive dinner and show package, was made up for by the price of drinks - high. Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the service yet; I don't really want to, the restaurant doesn't want me to either.

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