Sunday, 14 April 2013

Late review but FABB all the same!

So, while all other NE bloggers were busy writing about the FABB Event in Newcastle yesterday, I unfortunately, had to scurry off early for a wedding do. This has left me feeling delicate to say the very least, and something not publishable to say the very most! I was also suffering lack of camera yesterday due to SOMEONE ELSE!!! having taken it away with them, but I'll not dwell on that, or the fact that I was left with the poxy excuse for a camera that resides within my Blackberry - so no pics of the event but... All were welcomed by Ray and Tor, who I must say did a stellar job of circulating, ensuring everyone was ok etc. I resisted the cakepops, stayed on the cola (good thing too!) and settled in to hear from Really nice to hear about a fun young business that's proving a success in these difficult times - just shows that if the product is good enough and the team behind it is committed then anything's possible. Moving on to Newcastle Fashion Week - Sandie spoke about the events and the fashion to support it - Tshirts from Fenwick, May 1st. One little downside to Fashion Week - I notice a lot of the events run into the evening which is great, but some, like the Royal Wedding, aren't. For those bloggers or indeed anyone else with daytime job/school/college/uni, we may not be able to just ditch and come along. Lovely goodie-bag to come away with, thanks Ray and Tor, looking forward to there being another local event soon.

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