Thursday, 11 April 2013

Orion's Hat? It's a belt-er!

It was with a little hesitancy that I sat down to read 'Orion's Hat' by David W. Bryan. I'm always wary when people ask you to read stuff they've written; they're obviously hoping for positive feedback and I'd hate to not be able to give it. I needn't have worried. Despite the simplistic stage setting, and the fact that the play has so few 'real' parts, I enjoyed it immensely. It was one of those experiences where I could actually see the action being played out as I was reading it, using different voices in my head for the different characters, actually re-reading a section a second time with a different accent (in my head)! For me, the play translates as a look at the transient nature of life, seeking meaning and validation for one's own life and in relationships with others, and the consequences of the choices we make. Find it at

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