Sunday, 30 June 2013

Invisible Me

I'm feeling lucky to be alive. Thought I'd take a little time out this morning to go buy food. Tootling home and came within inches of being wiped out by some dozy bitch pulling into my lane without looking. Even when I blared my horn and flashed my lights at her she still appeared oblivious, as did the man in the passenger seat. Thing is, this happens quite a lot. It's only a few weeks since someone else pulled out on top of me at a junction - I had to call the police - she claims not to have seen me at all! A couple of months before that, another idiot trying to pull into the space that my car was then occupying. Again claiming "I didn't see you". Either there are too many people driving around with their eyes shut - which is a very frightening thought - or they really did perfect the invisible car, and it's mine! Perhaps James Bond might like to borrow it for his next mission.

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