Monday, 10 June 2013

The quay to wedded bliss

It's been a busy weekend. I'm glad I didn't go mad Friday night, being pretty tired after another hectic week (is there any other kind?). I'd intended going to the Steamer event at the Stephenson Building, but blew it off in favour of a curry from the local and a glass of red. Saturday, and we popped along the Quayside to the new GBCupcakery - see separate post - and then, finally to the Steamer event. Should really have scheduled more time for this and am glad to see it's a regular; will also leave the car at home next time in order to sample more from the Wylam Brewery. Music provided by Northern Monkey Brass Band, a funky take on classics/popular/soundtracks - lots of fun, and the food, I'm sure I gained weight from the aromas alone!! Gorgeous. Definitely worth a visit next month. Night, and it's on to The Gate for cinema, Studio B, this is my home cinema when I drop the EuroMillions - to see Byzantium - separate post - then home for a quick few hours respite before the wedding. The nuptials of, let's call them Sarah and Mike, were lovely. Simple, elegant, a reading by the bride's brother moved the entire room (including the bride's brother) to tears, a reading about a zombie apocalypse brought laughter, but was still sentimental and heartfelt; the flowergirls were adorable, the colour of the older bridesmaids' dresses the sort of cornflower blue of a Mediterranean sky; *sigh*, almost makes one wish it was one's own wedding! Gentlemen, form an orderly queue! I'm sure "Sarah and Mike" will be very happy. I do admire people willing to still take that step, despite the statistics.

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