Wednesday, 21 August 2013

7 for all womenkind including me?

Y'know I haven't bought a pair of jeans for 5 years? For the most part, quite simply because I haven't found any to fit. Leg length, waist vs hip fit - it's a minefield, and since I've long legs (36" inside) and most stores appear to have reduce their 'Tall' lines to online only, buying has become an even more arduous task than before. I do like to try before I buy as all the faff sending stuff back if it isn't right just contributes to elevated blood pressure and a sending back to square one. Enter the new(ish) jeans-mart within House of Fraser. John Lewis has one too, where there's a pretty good selection of high-end jeans with longer leg lengths as standard. And I've found the perfect pair, only at £170 they're not exactly perfect on the wallet when it's just taken a hammering on holiday. But as I mentioned before - no jeans for 5 years, and since most people buy what? a pair a year at at least 50 quid a pop I reckon I've more than covered what will surely be an investment pair. That's how I'm justifying it anyway! (For anyone who notices I made reference to a pair of Biba jeans a while ago, I did find some through the MetroCentre's Jean Genie service - they fit really well apart from the length but I was assured they came in a longer fit. They didn't. Boo to Biba.)

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