Sunday, 11 August 2013

Terrific Tenerife 1

A lot of people get a bit sniffy about Tenerife. Sure, the Las Americas area has a reputation for boozy lads/lasses clubbing holidays and some of its hotels are somewhat faded, but there's more to South Tenerife than Americas. Head north and you'll come to the much more salubrious resort of Adeje. The hotels are newer and of much better quality; you'd struggle to find any with less than a 4star rating, the streets and the promenade are noticeably cleaner and the restaurants geared for finer dining - fewer 'all day breakfasts' on offer. Of course it comes at a price. If you want the all night nightlife whilst staying in Adeje, it requires a long walk or splashing on a taxi and day to day it's more expensive too. Our round of drinks comes in at a good 2 or 3 Euros more than in Americas, which seems like little per round, but can quickly add up over the course of a fortnight for those on a tighter budget. It's worth it though. Having been to the resort a couple of years ago, we decided to revisit and stayed at the Guayarmina Princess, a 4star hotel right on the front. Its sister hotel, the 5star Bahia Princess sits just behind it and we'd considered staying there but after consultation with a family member who has stayed several times at both, chose the Guayarmina. The room was pretty bog standard really but had a cracking shower (very important) and great views over the pool and sea. The food was lovely (don't ask how much weight I've put on - diet starts tomorrow) and the staff were polite, courteous and very helpful. The pool area, including its dedicated loo facilities, was spotless with plenty of sunloungers on terraces overlooking the sea. The one gripe I have, and it's not with the hotel or the resort but with the people in it. I know they're on holiday, but you don't take a holiday from keeping your children under control. I've never seen such unruly children or parents so disinclined to keep behaviour in check.

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