Friday, 16 August 2013

Paris Can Can Can't

My recent sojourn in Paris was a little disappointing. All work and no play. The closest I got to play was a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower from my train window and a quick dash to Sephora. My little bolthole near the Gare du Nord was serviceable but certainly not glamorous, and 12hour working days not conducive to living the high life. I made few purchases, amazed at how expensive things were. Who'd have thought that French brand make-up etc would be cheaper in the UK! On the plus side, Sephora's own brand is very reasonable and smells divine - they even ship to the UK for a small fee and compared to US prices it's a steal! The real highlight thought was probably in the Prada shop at CDG en route home. I could have had a 'Pretty Woman' moment, you know the one where the shop staff won't wait on her - I probably looked like a scarecrow's less attractive sister, but the assistant was very charming, telling me all about their new line, did I want to try a bag on... I declined the try on, I might have dirtied it and been forced to buy it, but it was lovely, definitely on my Christmas list if anyone's thinking of buying me anything, and...I managed to conduct my whole week in French.

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