Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Entour -RAGE

What is it with people that seem unable to spend even 30 seconds apart. And I'm not talking about lovey-dovey couples here. Yesterday at the MetroCentre, I witnessed someone waiting for a lift. They were pushing a wheelchair. They had to wait for a second time because when the lift arrived, it was filled by a woman with a pushchair (fair enough) and several women that were with her. Now surely anyone with any sense would realise that the other women could have gone down the escalator (right next to the lift)and met their friend/relative at the bottom, thus freeing more space for those who actually need it. Indeed, the lady pushing the wheelchair had another companion with her that did just that. Are they afraid they'll get lost? Under some sort of contract that requires them to remain in such close proximity? Selfish, unthinking oiks? Mmmm, I know which one I'm going with.

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